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At the moment the Map submission form is deactivated. Join our Discord server if you want your map released on our servers!

Race Map Submissions

You may submit your race maps for the Unique Race servers here.

Before you upload your map, ensure that your map is made with a 0.6 teeworlds client. Maps which do not fulfill our standards will be deleted without notifiying you!

By submitting your map, you accept that we will receive the rights for the map and that we can change it if necessary.

Unique Race - Mapping Guide Grenade

„mapping is easy, but mapping well is hard!“ — Every mapper in any game that supports map creation.

With that being said, let's point out what this Mapping Guide consists of!
First of all, this will not be a tutorial on how to create maps, there are many other resources you can find for that, nevertheless we have compiled a list of useful links that might help you.
This is a guide that focuses mainly on mapping for Unique Race, on what is allowed and not allowed and a guideline to help you get your map released on our race servers.
Also, a download for your own Unique Race server with a list of server commands to make mapping for Unique Race easier for you.

What is permitted for Unique Race mapping?

Since we have a modification of the DDNet source for our server, we have many more mapping possibilities compared to the original race modification. This is the reason why we have to distinguish on what actually is allowed and not allowed.

Weapons prohibited


Ninja was allowed in the original race modification,
but since there were little to no Maps with Ninja,
we decided to exclude them for future use for our race modification.

Entities prohibited

Jump Count SetterOld HooktroughFreezeUnfreezeDeepUndeepWall JumpEndless HookDisable Endless HookAllow HammerNo HammerSoloUnsoloDouble Jump RefresherSlow SpeederFast SpeederOld nohit Laser/ShotgunOld Tee Collison OffOld Endless HookOld Hit others OffOld Hook pass through TeesUnlockTee Collison OffInfinite Double Jump OffJetpack offHooktrough Tee offTeleport Pistol OnTeleport Pistol OffTee Collision OnInfinite Double Jump OnJetpack OnHooktrough Tees OnTeleport Laser OnTeleport Laser OffLive FreezeLive UnfreezeCounterclockwise, Fast Rotating Freezing LaserCounterclockwise, Normal Rotating Freezing LaserCounterclockwise, Slow Rotating Freezing LaserStatic Freezing LaserClockwise, Slow Rotating Freezing LaserClockwise, Normal Rotating Freezing LaserClockwise, Fast Rotating Freezing LaserSlow Laser LengthenerNormal Laser LengthenerFast Laser LengthenerSlow Laser Length ChangerNormal Laser Length ChangerFast Laser Length ChangerExplosion TurretFreeze TurretFreeze Explosion TurretUnfreeze TurretExploding BulletBulletShotgun ShieldGrenade ShieldNinja ShieldLaser ShieldSlow DraggerNormal DraggerFast DraggerSlow Hookthrough DraggerNormal Hookthrough DraggerFast Hookthrough Dragger

All other entities can be used to map for Unique Race.

Unique Race - Server


sv_fastcap Whether the server is on fastcap mode or not 0/1
sv_kill_grenadesWhether shot grenades still live after killing0/1
sv_health_and_ammoWhether players take damage and have to collect shields and hearts in order to regain health0/1

Fastcap has all values set to 1, and you don't need to add them to your map settings after you are done creating your fastcap map. It's a setting you should use for testing and creating a new map. After that, you can remove the map setting if you want the map released on our servers, since we have it on by default as a server setting for our fastcap maps!

If u wanna upload maps using sv_kill grenades and sv_health_and_ammo leave them in the map settings!

Replace or add it to your current clientfolder.

Unique Race - Mapping Rules

Most of DDNet's Mapper Rules are applicable here aswell. We strongly recommend reading through all of the rules. Your map must meet all requirements to be accepted on our servers!


  • Don't copy parts from other maps, also map in a style where parts of the map don't repeat themselves!
  • No secret paths! Alternative paths and shortcuts are allowed as long as they are clearly recognizable.
  • Make sure that your map is balanced. This is especially important for the long category, which differentiates between easy, advanced and hard.
  • Design the map in a way it is fun to play more than once! (e.g. no weird and narrow parts where you feel like you need more luck than skill to go through)
  • Map for a category! Every category is divided in time, short is between 0 - 20 seconds, middle is between 20 - 60 seconds and long is everything above this time frame. Each category has a tolerance between +- 2 seconds!


  • Try to mark all entities clearly and distinguishable. (e.g. start, finish, checkpoints, teleport)
  • All non-gameplay irrelevant design details should be marked with 'high detail'. (e.g. doodads, sun, moon)
  • Delete all unused images, layers, groups, envelopes and make sure the images are in the correct field (embedded / external).
  • Ensure that the layers are not too large. The layers should only be as large as they are actually needed.
  • The design should be appealing and easy to play with. It should not hurt the eye after playing for a long time.
  • Scenery is important too! Try to excel not only in gameplay mapping but also in design!
  • The background should not be transparent and large enough for all resolutions. Click 'Proof' in the editor to check if the background is covered over the white border in order to work with all resolutions.